Day 3 of our incredible journey to Norway started with a visit to a local museum which looked at fishing through the ages.

I went on to attend a scientific talk on managing the sustainability of fish stocks. I felt it even mor important after hearing this talk to ensure we looks at how we could support sustainable fishing from our chip show in the North Cornwall town of Camelford…I was on a mission!

They are exceptionally passionate about the future of the fishing grounds…did you know that due to their stringent controls fish stocks are now at levels not previously seen since before the second world war. Something we should carefully consider and embrace!

At certain times of the year they are restricted to fishing in certain zones so that spawning areas are left alone. They believe in protecting the fish through careful management so that fish supplies have a secure future for many generations to come.

I was sad to leave Norway and it was great to catch up with the other finalists…I would see them again at the awards

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