Our Fish and Chips

At Peckish, its all about the quality of our produce that makes our Fish and Chips as good as they are. we do not scrimp on quality and buy only the best ingredients.


Our chips are prepared daily on the premises, using only the best frying potatoes that are available and in season that week, sourced from our licensed specialist supplier.

In general we like to use Maris piper, renowned for their frying qualities, producing chips that are golden in colour, crisp on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside.  During the summer months a variety of potatoes are used, selecting only the best.  You can check out exactly which potatoes are being used each and every week on our special “potato who’s who” board in shop.

Here’s the process our potatoes follow each and every frying day:




As with everything we do, we like to prepare our fish each and every day on the premises.  Our Cod and Haddock are caught i the North East Atlantic / Barrants sea ans is all recognised by the MSC certification – ensuring our catch is traceable and sustainable!

Our Hake is caught in the nutrient rich currents that well up from the Antartic, again another MSC certified fishery.

Our catch is caught and filleted then frozen at sea within 5/6 hours of being hauled aboard.  So rest assured when you get your fish cooked by the Peckish team in our light crispy batter, it is as fresh as it can be!

Our Plaice and Pollock are individually quick frozen, prepared and filletted on shore on the day they are landed to maintain the fresh and tasty flavour.



People ask us what our fish and chips are cooked in, we use Frymax, the leading all vegetable frying fat.  Its additive-free, contains NO hydrogenated oil and less than 1% trans fatty acids.

We believe that Frymax makes for the perfect frying medium.  Our oil is filtered twice a day which removes fine carbon particles, created during the frying process.  By doing this, it means you get to taste the food, not the oil its cooked in!





We are open 5-9pm on Sunday and Monday throughout July and August

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