What is ‘sustainable’ seafood? What seafood/fish can I eat?

In simple terms, a particular seafood is sustainable if it comes from a fishery with practices that can be maintained indefinitely without reducing the target species’ ability to maintain its population and without adversely impacting on other species within the ecosystem by removing their food source, accidentally killing them, or damaging their physical environment.

We go to great lengths to obtain all our fish from sustainable sources

Our Cod and Haddock come from fisheries controlled by the Icelandic, Norwegian, Russian and Faroe governments.

Fish stocks are a vital part of their countries’ economies and they have to make sure they get it right.

Our Hake is caught in the nutrient-rich currents that well up from the Antarctic.

Our Pollack is caught off the Alaskan coast.

Both species stocks are rigorously controlled and, very importantly, delicious.


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