Passionate About Quality

Fish and chips are one of those things that are loved by every generation, so why not indulge in the finest fish and chips in the North Cornwall area.  We’re passionate about great tasting food and are committed to producing consistently high-quality products and excellent service to our customers.

We use not only the finest fish and potatoes but the latest in frying equipment. Wherever possible our fish comes from sustainable fisheries.  This commitment to ensuring the freshness and quality of our fish guarantees that they will taste fantastic.

Fancy something different we also do a large selection of burgers, pies, and other takeaway food, all cooked to the same high standards, and we also have a range of meals and specials that are sure to tempt you.  So if you’re in the North Cornwall area why not drop in to see for yourself?


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Cooked To Order!

Our Food

Our Cod and Haddock are caught in the North-East Atlantic / Barrants sea and is recognised by the MSC certification – ensuring our catch is traceable and sustainable!

Our Hake is caught in the nutrient-rich currents that well up from the Antarctic, again another MSC certified fishery.

Freshly Prepared

Our chips are prepared daily on the premises, using only the best frying potatoes that are available and in season that week, sourced from our licensed specialist supplier.

In general, we like to use Agria potatoes, renowned for their frying qualities, producing chips that are golden in colour, crisp on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside. During the summer months, a variety of potatoes are used, selecting only the best. You can check out exactly which potatoes are being used each and every week on our special “potato who’s who” board in shop

Cornish Beef

Our hand crafted Beef Burgers are 100% Cornish Beef.


Our fish is prepared each and every day on the premises.


Chicken rotisserie! Order your 1/2 Spit roast chicken at Peckish Fish and Chips. Subject to availability. See menu for price list.


GM free & high in Omega-9

People ask us what our fish and chips are cooked in, we use 100% High oleic Sunflower oil.   Filtered twice a day removes fine carbon particles, created during the frying process.  By doing this, it means you get to taste the food, not the oil it’s cooked in!

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Frying Times

Tue-Sat: 12noon – 1.30pm

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Straight From the Sea

We Believe in Quality

Our catch is caught and filleted then frozen at sea within 5/6 hours of being hauled aboard.  So rest assured when you get your fish cooked by the Peckish team in our light crispy batter, it is as fresh as it can be!

We are proud to have achieved the MSC Certification and take every care to ensure you know where our fish comes from and which boat it was caught by and just as important when it was caught…we have a chart up in the shop that gives up to date information on the trawler!  For more information on our MSC certification, MEP OLA 010, 




Veggie Supreme

Hand crafted burger with Monterey Jack cheese & a slice of pineapple. Served in a toasted brioche bun with lettuce & mayonnaise.


The nation’s favourite. We only source the best quality cod from sustainable fisheries, skinned and boned and filleted daily on the premises


Freshly prepared Curry Sauce, Homemade Tartare Sauce or Mushy Peas

Meal Deals…

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